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by: till

Actionscript Work
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Swarm Intelligence

This is a test Iīve done to check the performance of Actionscript 2.0 and try to create a basic swarm intelligence. When time comes Iīll maybe switch to AS 3.0 and add the behaviors I havnīt included yet.
- flee from mousepointer
- try to eat mousepointer
But AS 2.0 is too slow for a propper swarm sice. Thats why Iīm stuck atm. So give me some time :).

What one agent does:
- move
- donīt leave the white rectangle
- keep close to agents you see
- keep up a minimal distance to every agent
- move in the same direction your neighbour agents are moving

btw: the blue dotīs are no buttons ;)

Flash Webpages

Iīve created different flash webpages over the time. My last and most complex work is the Black Day webpage for my final study project.
Itīs managing the dynamic video file jumping/loading, staged loading procedure of the whole site, includes a music player and different scripted animations.

Feel free to take a look:

Black Day - Webpage

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