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Creativ Concepts in August 2009 for CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5 Launch

by: ela - 15-04-2010 (10:38:32)

Concept 1
Be creative without limits

The campaign shows the huge amount of possibilities and the wide range of user specification which are served by the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5.
We use different headlines for each part of the Suite. For example:
Vector Booster / Creative Mentor / Fashion Styler / Illustration Big Bang

The design uses strong colours, vector elements or images from photo sources. All this plays around the X5 Logo . The are a lot of possibilities how you can work with this concept and how to attract to the product. Have a look at some X5s

Concept 2
Create your own world

Aimed for all user groups, this campaign should demonstrate the possibility to create something new and innovative out of easy things. Nothing is impossible. You just need the right tool to bring your concepts to live . This tool is the innovative and versatile CorelDRAW Graphics Suit X5.

The motive is always split into half. On top the original motive – the starting point. The product and the headline in capital letters are placed in the middle. The product is the tool for the recreation. Beneath stands the result of the creative process. In this case a dog, build form pieces which where cut out from the original image. The attention lays on the effect to create new ideas out of common things, to be able to find you own style with the help of this suit. The product is highlighted in an individual way.

Moves whole cities. Simple architectural work develops to a creative construction, to grow into the sky. The viewer has to read and see what's happening there. A break through, through common points of view.

As you can see, it's possible to develop this idea further and further. Objects stack on each other and rearrange in a new way or out of one picture grows another one. The concept is furthermore a homage to the great artists of old times, which tried to change the world through always changing perceptions and gained famousness with that.

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